Nike’s Marketing Opportunity with the NFL uniform design Job to Anthonia Akitunde

Nike’s “Victory” in the acquisition of the NFL official uniform design job, has implications that go far beyond the buzz that eccentric Oregon uniforms tend to create in community that is fairly used to reserved colors, design, and overall look. What is yielded by this incredible opportunity, is the game that Nike has chosen to play all along; not football or foot-racing, but Marketing. Nike started out its path to stardom not only with brilliant Archetype branding, but also key Athlete sponsorships, most notably Michael Jordan.  Nike’s NFL sponsorships however, have amounted to nothing more than individual’s brand endorsements, without any reference to specific products and apparel. Now however, we will have apparel and equipment associated with entire teams,  which is a level of product exposure unrivaled even by the electronic spectacle of Times Square, especially considering how many people actually watch NFL football. Nike now has a platform where they can bring even more attention to themselves, which they no doubt will instigate (maybe not on the oregon rose bowl scale though).  They can also launch entire products through this new platform, allowing them to gain attention in professional football and letting them trickle down to consumers later on. I also believe that Nike can utilize this opportunity to prepare advertising that is paired with apparel used in the game being viewed, perhaps advertising team licensed gear and apparel during commercial breaks to specific audiences.  No speculation can ever truly bound what is to come out of this new relationship, yet it will no doubt make Nike’s brand image as strong as it ever has been.

By this time already, as you can see from the link below, Nike has been able to link uniforms with iconic players, as well as differentiating their uniform and its design as if “fast” became “faster” with nike’s vision of a uniform rebirth, which it has certainly conveyed through its message.

Nike Football Home


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